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Boyle Building

Grafton, Auckland, New Zealand

Colt Products and Systems were contracted to provide a car park ventilation design complete with (CFD) computational fluid dynamic report to satisfy the Council. The system uses impulse fans and natural inlet through the entrance/exit and supply fans at strategic points. The air in the car park is then moved towards the extract points. An advantage of this system, is no ducting is required thereby saving head room and a significant amount of money. This ventilation system is used for carbon monoxide clearance and can switch to high speed in the event of a fire. The system would provide sufficient ventilation for the entire car park using CO sensors integrated with the fans.

The Colt PR75 louvre was also installed extensively throughout this building. The louvre was required to provide air intake, smoke ventilation, natural ventilation at all plant room levels, and to assist the smoke control system. PR75 was chosen for its combination of rain defence and aerodynamic qualities. As with all of the Colt louvre systems, the PR75 has been performance tested and classified in accordance with the New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4740:2000.

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