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Colt smoke control systems ensure that if there is a fire, smoke is contained and removed, allowing safe evacuation, fire-fighting and minimising damage. Colt pioneered the science of smoke control and has funded much of the public research for over 50 years.

Colt Smoke Control Systems

  • Maintain clear escape and access routes   
  • Facilitate fire fighting operations
  • Delay and/or prevent flashover
  • Protect the contents of the building
  • Reduce the damage to the building

The key components of smoke and fire ventilation systems are fire dampers; ductwork; smoke curtains; and powered and natural smoke and heat extract systems (smoke vents).

Smoke Ventilation

Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, also known as "SHEVS" are natural or powered systems to remove smoke from a building allowing low level escape routes to be kept clear of smoke and reducing damage to the building.

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Smoke Containment

Smoke containment systems take the form either of physical barriers such as smoke curtains, or as pressure differential systems, also known as pressurisation systems.

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Carpark Ventilation

Ventilation systems for car parks, loading bays and service areas are needed to achieve two objectives.

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