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When we sit inside a building, we all recognise the benefits of natural daylight entering through the window. We respond better when we can have a view to the outside and work better under controlled natural daylight conditions. Furthermore, architects naturally like to create buildings that evoke interest and admiration. Accordingly, there are examples of buildings with large areas of glazing that can be seen nearly everywhere.

The difficulties of providing extensive cooling in summer and insulation in winter inevitably arise with the use of large glazed structures. Colt designs a wide variety of fixed and movable solar shading systems that optimise the flows of heat and light energy.

Colt’s innovative technical solutions and expertise can turn an Architects vision into reality. Colt solar shading systems can be used to great effect to create a strong visual impact.

Colt experts are able to work with the architect, providing calculations and modelling to ensure the proposed solution offers the best performance while making a strong architectural statement.

Solar Shading Design Considerations

The sun rises in the East and sets in the West. The sun travels in an arc, reaching its highest altitude in the South (for the Northern hemisphere).

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Bespoke Shading Solutions

Our innovative technical solutions and expertise can turn an architect's vision into reality. If you have an unusual requirement, we can work with you to develop a special solution.

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