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ASB North Wharf

Auckland, New Zealand

Possibly the largest penthouse louvre in the world! A Colt Universal 3UL Triple Bank Louvre System 10x10mx10m, (basically a 3 story Building) takes pride of place on top of one of the most ground breaking buildings in New Zealand.

In an effort to reduce ASB’s carbon footprint by 20%, and set new standards for environmental quality and energy performance, ASB has taken full advantage of some of the latest sustainable systems and building technologies. Unlike most commercial buildings all the windows in this building can be manually opened allowing for natural ventilation throughout.

This is Australasia’s first fixed-bin, displacement, mixed mode ventilation system. This complex ventilation system utilizes thermal mass and the Venturi effect to extract heat from the building and exhaust it through the internal funnel like atria and out via Colt Products & Systems chimney-like penthouse louvre. The Colt triple bank weather louvres are then used to protect the actuated dampers located in behind, which open depending on wind direction, effectively ‘dragging’ heat load from the building.

For this substantial penthouse louvre the architects specifically specified Colt’s 3UL/DH louvre. One of the highest performing louvers on the market, the 3UL triple bank louvre was specified for maximum rain defense, aerodynamics and guaranteed performance tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4740:2000.

Colt Products and Systems were contracted to design, manufacture and install: a high performance weather louvre system with BMS actuated damper controlled by an internal computer system , the supporting structure behind, and install the secondary structural steel for the cube. National Manager for Colt Products and Systems, Andy Oakley says “Our engineers were instrumental with the design and construction methodology of the cube at a very early stage”.

The structure was assembled as four separate sides at ground level and then lifted and bolted to the primary structural steel. To make things slightly tougher the angled roof below the cube was fabricated in very expensive ColorCote ARX standing seam, so extra special care was required during the assembly.

ASB North Wharf has also just been successful in the 2013 Auckland Architecture Awards for its contribution to sustainable architecture. The judges commented that the building was “a bold response to a sustainable imperative".


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