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Tepid Baths, Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

After nearly being condemned, Auckland’s CBD landmark, the Tepid Baths, has just undergone a major restoration and is set to reopen. “The building has been refurbished and strengthened in a job understood to have posed many engineering and construction challenges. Bringing the dilapidated building up to the present building code involved sinking foundations down as far as 15m, well below the water table on the reclaimed land.” Keeping with this ‘A’ grade refurbishment Colt were chosen to manufacture and supply their performance weather louvre tested to NZ Standards. For guaranteed aerodynamic and rain defense performance, Jasmax specified Colt Products & Systems’ 2UL double bank louvre for all penthouse vents.

To ensure effective screening of the unattractive plant from pedestrians below, Colt’s 1UL single bank louvres were installed inverted. This means they were installed upside down which guarantees they appear opaque to passersby below.

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