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Paul Keane Gymnasium, St Mary’s College

Auckland, New Zealand

Originally a proprietary glass louvre was specified, however when RCG Architects became aware of the spans that could be achieved with the centrally pivoting Coltlite, the decision was made to install the Colt system.

Initial concerns with a high impact gymnasium environment and the risk of window breakage was overcome by using thicker 10-12mm heat strengthened glass together with a frosted interlayer.

Colt Products and Systems also supplied an impact testing report undertaken by Colt International in accordance with DIN EN 12600 (the test method for shock and classification of flat glass).

Of particular interest to the designers was the reliability backed up by extensive tesng to EN 12101-2 as a dual purpose Smoke Heat and Exhaust Ventilator, backed by CE marking. Coltlite ticked all the boxes for reliability and with the outcome - naturally ventilated atmosphere that has surpassed expectations.

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