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McAuley High School

Otahuhu, Auckland, New Zealand

To meet the natural ventilation design requirements, each classroom at McAuley High School required performance louvre and operable dampers for added rain defense.

Initially the main contractor produced an untested “weather louvre” with dampers further back. Once the engineers checked the data, they found it to be unreliable as far as rain defense and airflow were concerned. They then reversed the decision going with suitably tested weather louvre product which was tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4740;2000.

As the proximity of the louvre to the ceiling was too close for comfort, the risk of water damage by using un-tested products was too great, so Colt Products and Systems used their technical expertise to design this new hybrid louvre system.

Colt Products and Systems new Hybrid Operable Louvre provides an innovative solution to a common design problem.

Consisting of either a 1UL or PR75 and a Euro Seefire placed within the same frame. Colts new Hybrid Operable Louvre is one unit that provides four solutions; maximum airflow, smoke control, extra weather protection and an architecturally pleasing frontage. Colt Products & Systems are also able to provide performance test data for both the UL Louvre and the Euro Seefire.

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